Estate Planning

General Power of Attorney Versus Healthcare Power of Attorney

When you start the estate planning process, you will be approached with the terms “General Power of Attorney” and “Healthcare Power of Attorney.” During estate planning it is highly important that you comprehend these terms completely, since they can considerably affect your health and wellness during and your household after life.

General Power of Attorney
Remember that a General Power of Attorney is used for people to act when you can not. Therefore, you need to thoroughly choose not only the person, but likewise the powers provided to him or her because this person will have complete control over and access to your property, possessions, and more.

Health Care Power of Attorney
When you are beginning the estate planning procedure, consult your attorney and request particular information about whether or not you need a Healthcare Power of Attorney or a General Power of Attorney. Most likely your estate planning attorney will suggest both for the added security and security of your life, assets, and property.